GRASSROOTS BASED: United Women of East Africa Support Team (UWEAST) is a unique organization grown out of the community, not brought in by an outside organization. Membership is comprised of over 200 East African women working on a volunteer basis with other East African women and youth in San Diego. Our organization offers several different cultural and educational enriching activities and programs and works with others organizations to provide their services in culturally appropriate programs.

YOUTH MENTORSHIP: Some of our programs such as the East African Girl Scouts of San Diego, the UWEAST boys group, and tutoring services promote youth mentorship.

LEADERSHIP AND ADVOCACY: There is current work on leadership and advocacy initiatives in which mothers and daughters educate and negotiate with larger community based organizations to offer their services to the East African community population in a culturally appropriate fashion.

HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: Other programs, such as the yoga class, Hayat's bi-weekly Health and Social Workshop, the Inter-Generational Cooking Class, and women only swimming classes at the YMCA, focus on the overall health of the population we serve. An integral component of the health and well being promotion at UWEAST includes our monthly presentation titled: Dialogue with the Doctor. At this monthly meeting, various health issues are discussed with the presenting doctor. Included in well- being we believe is financial viability and literacy. Women Empowered is a monthly savings project that includes providing information on business initiatives and opportunities.

CULTURAL COMPETENCY-: UWEAST is a locally sought after provider of cultural competency forums, trainings and workshops stimulating dialogue around the subject of cultural competency within the workplace or other organizational venues. Currently several of our partners include UCSD, SDSU, USD and the Point Loma Nazarene University. Together, thoughts and ideas are exchanged with our partners on various cultural issues. Through this exchange, productive dialogue is created resulting in a newfound mutual understanding. As a result, solutions to cultural issues that previously may have been a stumbling block and barrier are found to create the needed access to services. Our overall mission is being the pipeline of culturally competent healthcare services, education, advocacy for the improvement and well being of East African women their and families.