United Women of East Africa

United Women’s East African Support Team (UWEAST) is a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation comprised of approximately 100 East African women with the goal of responding to the overlooked health needs of East African women and their families that affects their well-being. Equally important, on January 23, 2012, City Heights Hope, a grass root group, met and unanimously decided to merge with UWEAST in order to consolidate and strengthen their mutual goals.UWEAST are meeting the needs City Heights Community of San Diego overwhelming request for us to address the physical and mental health related needs of East African refugee women. With a 3 year project grant from the California Wellness Foundation in 2010, UWEAST is building bridges between the community and service providers to implement a successful, linguistically appropriate, culturally competent, and cost-effective physical and mental health intervention program. This physical and mental intervention is enabling East African women and their families to access and benefit from existing services.



United Women of East African Support Team (“UWEAST”), mission is to be the pipeline of culturally competent health services, education, and advocacy for the improvement of East African women and families’ health and well being.

United Women’s of East Africa Support Team’s vision is to interactively build communities where East African Women are actively involved in their health, education, and betterment. UWEAST envisions an empowered East African Women who is an influence to her family and community.

Accountability: We are obligated to be good stewards for our East African women. We understand that achieving our mission is a responsibility and committed that we owe to our East African women, our communities, and our supporters.

Collaboration: We work with individuals, organizations and coalitions in collaborative fashion to further the advancement of our East African women. We value and promote effective partnerships with all organizations in our community.

Education: To develop greater educational resources and tools for East African women, making them more effective and impactful in their families and communities.

Integrity: To operate with the utmost ethics and integrity to meet the standards our East African women expect and deserve. Our obligation to East African women is always implement truth and honesty in what we say, what we do, and how we do it.

Leadership: We champion the importance of leading by example. We understand that effective leadership and actions encourages our East African women to strive for excellence.

Outstanding Services: We work very hard to provide timely, reliable, and effective services to our East African women. We strive to create and provide an environment that everyone of our East African women feels safe, heard, valued, and supported.