United Women’s East African Support Team

About Us

United Women’s East African Support Team (UWEAST) is a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation comprised of approximately 100 East African women with the goal of responding to the overlooked health needs of East African women and their families that affects their well-being. Equally important, on January 23, 2012, City Heights Hope, a grass root group, met and unanimously decided to merge with UWEAST in order to consolidate and strengthen their mutual goals.

City Heights

The affiliation with City Heights stems from the overwhelming request from the East African City Heights community to UWEAST to address the physical and mental health related needs of East African refugee women. In response to their request and with a grant from the California Wellness Foundation, a three year project was developed in building bridges between the community and service providers to implement a successful, linguistically appropriate, culturally competent, and cost-effective physical and mental health intervention program that will enable East African women and their families to access and benefit from existing services.